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Since 2020, I'm percussionist and performer in Cuarto de Tono, a collective based in Zaragoza, Spain.

Since 2022, I'll be a fixed member of Synergein Project, (Sisco Aparici, Juanjo Llopico), from Valencia, Spain.



/EMPTY/Hands is my first solo project, that includes commissioned pieces to Alberto Bernal, Luciano Azzigotti, Helena Cánovas and Eduardo Valiente. It has already been performed in Festival de Música de Cámara de Anguiano, IGNM Bern, Radial Basel, Ensems 2022, Dates coming soon for Residencia de Estudiantes (Madrid) and Ensems Festival 2022.

I have a crazy free-impro project with my colleague Joel Rico Rada, where we do noisy and pretty punky stuff. It's called MEJOR SORDO and you can check our first EP in Youtube and Bandcamp.

And I also have my Bandcamp account, where I'll be uploading more isolated ideas, recordings or improvisations which are a kind of reflection of what I do day-by-day.

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