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MEJOR SORDO is an exploration and sound art duo born in 2022 in Zaragoza, formed by contemporary percussionist Luis Azcona and sound artist Joel Rico. 


Together, they carry out a synergy of live electronics, noise, field recordings and ethereal atmospheres together with post-instrumentalism, drumset and everyday objects treated from the industrial sound exploration, impregnating all of it with an aura of dark spirituality. 

Mejor Sordo_ALTA_LaMostra2023_CristinaClaramunt682.JPG
Mejor Sordo_ALTA_LaMostra2023_CristinaClaramunt685.JPG

The duo has already released 6 volumes: self-produced EPs characterized by a unique conception and use of electronics and percussion. Re-recording means rethinking the instrument, giving each EP a unique character.


His artistic production also includes collaborations, such as the remix TRILO, by Rosin de Palo (Zaragoza), sound installations or experimental audiovisual productions.

MEJOR SORDO has given concerts in several festivals such as Mostra Sonora i Visual de Barcelona or Festival Cauces, has been selected in Open Calls of IDKF Stuttgart or SONIC MATTER Zurich, and has collaborated with artists such as Rosin de Palo or Percusiones del CSMA.


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