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Photos by Sara Gómez and Ruth Trasobares

Luis Azcona is a contemporary percussionist based on Bern, Switzerland. He’s specialized on Sound Arts and Chamber music, although his career as a soloist accumulates awards (Percute 2019), recognitions by numerous foundations (Hirschmann, Lyra) as well as concerts, talks and masterclasses.

After finishing his studies in CSMA (Zaragoza) with César Peris, Verónica Cagigao and Francisco Inglés, he's currently studying with Brian Archinal in HKB. 


Luis bases his work on the exploration between poetry, sociology and politics. His aesthethic universe is situated between noise, post-percussion and a historical approach of contemporary music.

He has collaborated closely with composers such as Alberto Bernal, Wojtek Blecharz, Yiran Zhao, Michael Maierhof, Yesid Fonseca or Arturo Corrales. He’s also premiered pieces by Voro García, Marina Picaporte, Christian Spitzenstaetter, Alberto Bernal (2021), Wataru Mukai, Gemma Ragués o David Julian Carrillo.

He has been directed by conductors as Peter Rundel, Nacho de Paz, Peter Eotvos or Fabian Panicello, and collaborated with ensembles as Nuevo Contemporáneo, Synergein Project, NEKO3, Freixenet, or Academia para la Nueva Musica. In 2021, he has been selected by Ulysses Ensemble and Klangspuren IEMA (Ensemble Intercontemporain and Ensemble Modern, respectively).

He’s part of the collective Cuarto de Tono, and has composed music for the spectacle "Surco", for the contemporary dance company Godai Dance.

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