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Download here the  project's full dossier

Limo (2021) - Luciano Azzigotti 

(Neo)Liberal Systems #4: Entertainment (2021) - Alberto Bernal 

To strip the percussionist of his drumsticks: to turn him into the potter who moulds his clay, who mixes it with him and pierces his skin. To shape his own sound, to make it his own until his own hands become it. To explore, thanks to them, new forms and methods of deep listening, immersive sonorities that row against the processes of acceleration and immediacy that surround our busy contemporary lives.

But also, to speak with our hands.

To use them as an essential tool of communication, capable of transmitting ideas and feelings through their own physicality.

Empty hands, which, however, are never empty.

Contrary to what is classically known as a percussion concert (a stage full of instruments, messy, chaotic and exuberant), I propose a sober scene: the choice of isolated elements, which will be explored in a much deeper and more concrete way, creating a scenography of powerful and unique images.

The programme is adaptable and flexible to the riders and infrastructures of each venue, making each concert a unique experience. The number of works can be changed to suit each situation and concert.

The works will be linked through original video- creations produced by Luis Azcona: abstract images and sound atmospheres based on the use and decontextualisation of latex gloves.

Copyright: La Pataconera. IGNM Bern,

Prozess KulturBar 6.12.2021

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